Alias Design

Alias Design

Power your creative process and improve efficiency from concept to development with a range of advanced sketching, modelling, surfacing, and visualization tools specially tailored for technical surfacing and class-A surfacing modelling.

Autodesk Alias Design, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, is 3D design software, purpose-built for industrial designers who control the creative product design process: from the initial concept sketch to the final surfaces that are shared with engineering. Industrial designers can quickly go from compelling visual communications, to concept modelling, to production-quality models, all within a hybrid 2D-to-3D workflow.

Alias Design software enables industrial designers and creative professionals to collaborate across the variety of teams within product development, from marketing to engineering, with its industry-leading sketching, modelling, and visualization tools that help create, communicate and drive innovative designs faster than the competition.

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