About Symetri

We challenge people to work smarter for a better future

About Symetri

At Symetri we create and provide technology solutions and services for design, engineering, construction and manufacturing businesses. We empower people to work smarter for a better future by ensuring they have access to the expertise and technology they need to improve their performance and sustainability.

Symetri was founded in Sweden in 1989 and has grown to a team of over 1000 people with offices throughout Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK, Ireland and the US. Symetri is an Autodesk Platinum Partner, Autodesk Authorized Training Centre (ATC) and Autodesk Global Service Provider.

Symetri is part of Addnode Group AB, whose B shares are listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm. Addnode Group offers business-critical IT solutions to selected markets in both the private and public sectors.

Our Values

As a trusted partner for our customers, we constantly seek to challenge people to work smarter for a better future. With our expertise, leading-edge technology & services we always strive to enable our customers to gain an increased competitive advantage.

We continuously challenge ourselves and our customers to work smarter and we are proud of the values that we live by.



We are proud of what we do and believe in our ability to make a difference. We always walk the extra mile and we have fun together.



We are transparent and support each other, celebrate team success, take responsibility and treat all people with respect and honesty.



We have the courage to make a difference, are innovative, take initiatives and dare to act. We are courageous but never arrogant or ignorant of risks.



We welcome change, are open minded and flexible. When we identify an issue we take action and we take responsibility to make changes successful.

Our History


Symetri (then CAD-Quality/CAD-Q) is founded in 1989 by engineers who want to enable people, themselves included, to work smarter. They see CAD as the way forward and set out to improve the Swedish design industry with the latest and smartest tools and workflows. 

In the early 2000s, CAD-Q increases the expertise within facility management in Sweden and expands its operations to Norway.

The year 2005 is a turning point as Addnode buys CAD-Q. Being a part of Addnode’s Design Management division means long-term stability and new opportunities for growth.


Cadpoint (2000, NO)
Nestor Nord (2001, NO)
Graphic Interface (2001, SE)

1990 training
1991 Mora office opening
1996 Symetri team
1997 Symetri team


The next 10 years are marked by expansion in the Nordics and internationalisation, supported by the development of the company’s own technology.

CAD-Q establishes operations in Finland and Denmark in 2010.

The launch of Sovelia and Naviate strengthens CAD-Q’s offering of leading-edge technology with their own IP, developed to meet the needs of customers within the product-development and architecture industries. Both the technical expertise and service on offer to customers increase over the years.

The acquisition of Symetri in 2014 establishes CAD-Q in the UK, providing leading-edge solutions and services, as well as knowledge gained from years of experience working in the Nordics


Sikroma (2008, SE)
IT Energy (2008, SE)
Athena BSD (2010, DK)
Fæster SCI (2010, DK)
CADi (2010, FI)
Geosol (2011, SE)
CDLight (2011, DK)
Cad-Teknikk (2012, NO)
CAD-Expert Oy (2013, FI)
Basepoint Oy (2013, FI)
Symetri (2014, UK)

2006 Symetri team
2007 kick-off Bareclona
2009 20 year jubilee
2014 Symetri team


To signal the growth of the company and a focus shift from solution provider to customer-centric partner, CAD-Q changes its name to Symetri in 2016.

With the acquisition of MCAD in 2018, Symetri increases its ability to deliver solutions and multidisciplinary projects that make a real difference to the Swedish manufacturing industry.

In the UK, Symetri’s portfolio is broadened with expert consultancy and world-class data management systems (TDM, PDM & PLM), as well as expertise in 3D design and BIM software, additional services and increased delivery capacity.

With the acquisition of Excitech in 2020, Symetri gains additional, extensive expertise in the UK construction and architecture sectors, exceptional BIM skills and innovative IP.

In 2021, Symetri establishes operations in Ireland and gains expertise within the construction and manufacturing sector with the acquisition of Procad Ltd.


MCAD (2018, SE)
D2M3 (2018, UK)
Cadassist (2018, UK)
Majenta UK Autodesk business (2019, UK)
Excitech (2020, UK)
Procad Ltd (2021, Ireland)


2015 Symetri team
2018 kick-off Malaga
2020 Symetri team
2021 Nordic BIM Summit


In 2022 Symetri expands into the US market, and gains additional expertise in the UK, with the acquisition of Microdesk, becoming the #1 global Autodesk Solution Provider. 

In 2023 the expansion in the US continues with Team D3 joining Symetri, bringing expanded manufacturing, power & process and AECO capabilities. 


Microdesk (2022, USA)
Team D3 (2023, USA)


2022 One Symetri Summit, Internal event
2022 One Symetri Summit, Internal event
2023 Nordic BIM Summit
2023 Team D3 joins Symetri

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