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Three ways Sheet Manager can save you time and money

Creating, editing, and revising sheets in Revit can take a lot of time. On average, it could take about 15 seconds to create a new sheet. If your project has 900 sheets, that’s 225 minutes or 3.75 hours just to create the sheets — and that’s not even ...

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Discover Naviate Rebar #4 - Pad and Wall Foundation

Pad and Wall foundationAs many of you will be aware, our new breed of reinforcement solutions, Naviate Rebar, launched into the industry late last year. Naviate Rebar replaces the original Naviate Rebar Extension which brings many technology and work ...

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A Game-changer for Patient Care

Hospital service requests play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations and optimal patient care. They encompass a wide range of tasks, such as equipment maintenance, supply delivery, housekeeping and information technology (IT) support. These re ...

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Units and Templates in Naviate Civil 3D

Naviate has launched its first USA version with Naviate for Civil 3D 2024.1 and 2023.11. This means that we have adapted Naviate to work with Imperial Units and we have also made it easier for you to work with your own template in Naviate. This blogp ...

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