Project Support

Project Support Roles

A trusted partner

Acting as an integral member of your project team, or as an external partner, Symetri can bring deep technology knowledge and practical industry experience to help de-risk your commitment and provide essential project delivery support. 


BIM Manager

Our consultants can act as a BIM Manager on your behalf to help lead the BIM Management on a project, controlling all workflows and processes to ensure a successful delivery aligned to your client's requirements.

BIM Coordinator

We can also act as BIM Coordinators on your behalf, helping you manage the federation of discipline models into a single Project Information Model and running the clash process across the project stages.


Information Manager

We can perform the information manager's role by looking at the Common Data Environment (CDE), auditing information deliverables, and signing-off all relevant data and processes.

Tender/Bid Response

Symetri can help de-risk your response to tenders and bid support by reviewing the information requirements on a project and looking at what risk you may be signing up to. By producing a pre-contract BIM Execution Plan (BEP), we can help define what you are delivering against the requirements once appointed.



AIR, EIR & OIR Review

Helping you produce Asset Information Requirements (AIR),  Employers Information Requirements (EIR) and Organizational Information Requirements (OIR) documentation.

BIM Management Documentation

We can provide support with or take ownership of the production of all documentation associated with the BIM Management process, including BEP and associated files.


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