Unveiling the Future: Symetri Experts Share Insights from Autodesk University 2023

Autodesk University (AU) 2023 in Las Vegas brought together a remarkable gathering of professionals from the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operations and Manufacturing industries. It served as a powerhouse of knowledge sharing, networking, and innovation, leaving the attendees energized and inspired. We had the privilege of accompanying our team of AECO experts to AU 2023, and they're thrilled to share their unique insights and favorite activities from this exceptional event.

Let's dive into their reflections and get a glimpse of the inspiring moments that made AU 2023 an unforgettable event for our team.

Shir (Erlich) Rustici, Product Owner, Symetri: Part of the Symetri global technology team with ten years of working with architecture and engineering firms across the U.S. and Europe, Shir specializes in creating software for Revit, BIM integration, and dynamo automation. 

One of the biggest announcements at Autodesk University was Autodesk AI. Autodesk is embracing the change and not afraid of ways to implement and support it's customers and users with AI. "They proposed it in a positive light which is the way I look at AI as well, it's another amazing innovation that will help us work smarter in the future and we should look for ways to leverage, utilize and integrate it into our workflows" says Shir. 

Question: What was the best part about AU?

Answer: I was able to connect with many new women at the Women in BIM Lunch and during an impromptu panel in the Autodesk Community zone. This opened my eyes to more issues that we are facing in our industry in regard to diversity and what other women are doing to help solve this problem. For example, I learned about Maker Girl Mania which is an organization working with girls to teach them about the fields of architecture and engineering. 

Prateek Chitnis, Strategic Implementation Manager: In his current role as Strategic Implementation Manager, he works with companies to streamline their BIM workflows, training their staff in various software like Revit, Navisworks, and Bluebeam. He has worked on various projects including residential, commercial, institutional, mixed-use, and Federal.

He was a first-timer at AU and soaked up every moment. The moment he learned his proposal was accepted, he was on cloud nine to be given a platform to present his story on immigration and diversity within the AECO industry. To other fellow first timers, "I encourage you to explore sessions. Don't hesitate to submit your ideas; if you have a vision and passion, nothing will stop you from achieving what you want" says Prateek.

Question: What was a key takeaway from AU?

Answer: The Autodesk Workshop XR added a thrilling dimension to the experience. As someone deeply engaged with VR headsets for both work and play, the workshop's perspective and its connection to the ACC environment left me eagerly anticipating the future.

If you missed his session on BIMigration: Transforming AECO Through Immigration, Diversity, and Technology, watch on-demand now! 

Elias Galvan, Solutions Specialist - Infrastructure: As a Professional Engineer in the State of Florida and a Doctor in Civil Engineering, Elias has dedicated his professional career for over a decade to the design and planning of resilient and sustainable infrastructure. Now, as a Civil Infrastructure Solutions Consultant at Symetri, his passion lies in developing, scaling, and diffusing technology-based solutions for major global challenges in the AECO industry.

AU is undoubtedly a place that adds an extra layer of growth, something challenging to achieve on your own or within the confines of your town. It's a space where you're encouraged to break free from conventional thinking and embrace new perspectives - and Elias did just that! As another first-timer, he enjoyed being in an environment where you push boundaries. 

Question: What was the best part about AU?

Answer: The best part about Autodesk University is the chance to connect with professionals who share similar interests and gain insights into their unique perspectives on subjects that matter to you. 

Click here for his recorded session on 'Democratize Sustainability: Connected Data for Infrastructure Excellence" to learn more about sustainable principals for infrastructure. 

Symetri had a strong presence at this year's Autodesk University, as a Platinum Partner with several sessions that highlighted our expertise in the areas of BIM, digital transformation and sustainability. Check out some of these recorded sessions and class overviews here

We hope to see you next year for Autodesk University 2024! 


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