What is New in AutoCAD 2023?

AutoCAD 2023 has 5 new features and updates. In this blog post, our Application Specialist Geoff Alder provides an overview of these new features and updates in AutoCAD 2023.

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1. Traces

The traces feature found on the collaborate tab is an excellent feature to monitor and log redline revisions.

Collaboration Tab

Opening the traces pallet in the first instance shows that there are no traces in the drawing.

Trace Pallet

If we use the Markup Import feature, we can then overlay a red line markup. This can be an image file such as jpeg or png or a pdf file. In this example, I used a pdf of a simple redline markup of the paper space on this drawing.

Clicking on Markup Import brings up the dialogue.


Here we can see that the Markup Import has discovered the two redline markups. One in text form and one in simple hand-sketched detail. From this we can extract the details and have them on the drawing as a markup.

The markup is now listed in the traces pallet, providing users with a time that the redline edit was added to the drawing.

Redlines Edit

2. Cut/Copy Base

I find the copy base feature in AutoCAD 2023 very efficient in a workflow as it provides a basepoint in the first instance in the lower left extreme of geometry.

Copy Base Feature

3. Polylines

Polylines are often used to create boundary areas and similar closed lines. In plotting vertices to create the polyline, we find we have to continue in one direction because the vertices are numbered; essentially to describe the direction of the polyline.

If we add a vertex at the last vertex, this provides an additional vertex which increases the polyline length. If however, we add a vertex at the start of the polyline, we are essentially adding a new vertex in position two and not adding to the length of the polyline. This then means we can now right click on the vertex on either end and choose “Extend vertex” which will extend the polyline at that point. While this may seem like a small difference, it can actually be a great time saver in creating clean and efficient polylines.

Extend Vertex

4. Display - View Tab

With a view to display options, we can now detach a View Tab in AutoCAD 2023 and have it floating; thus allowing it to be moved to a second monitor if required. The view now also has its own command line making it substantially easier to focus on a view and have the option to input commands in the same line of sight.

View Tab


Lastly, on display in AutoCAD 2023, we see a new command called FASTSHADEMODE. This efficiently takes advantage of the newer GPU to provide a superior illuminated 3D view.


Overall, I feel that the new features & updates in AutoCAD 2023 are stable and can be used as part of everyday workflows immediately.

Watch the video below to see these new features in action:


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