Upcoming Webinar!

Sustainability in Action: Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future

Learn about the power of pACI and revolutionizing carbon calculations

Sustainability in Action: Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future

What is Carbon, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and pACI? Join our upcoming webinar to learn more with Luc Wing, where he will explore how to increase the efficiency and accessibility of sustainable design practices. The centerpiece of our webinar will be the unveiling of our innovative solution, pACI. Learn how pACI empowers organizations in enhancing their sustainability endeavors, bridging the gaps in the sustainability process.

DATE: June 13th, 2024
TIME: 1:00 PM ET 


  • Learn about fundamental concepts: what is Carbon, the importance of LCA and the system boundaries that define the LCA process.

  • Gain insights into the challenges posed by the intricate and time-consuming nature of traditional LCA mapping.

  • How pACI can leverage the OneClick LCA database for foundational setup






As a Performance and Innovation Specialist at Symetri, Luc is dedicated to sustainability and innovation, with a focus on developing sustainable analysis platforms and workflows. Holding an Autodesk Building Performance Analysis (BPA) Certification, he is committed to helping clients integrate sustainable solutions throughout the entire life-cycle of a project.