Addresses the urgent need for enhanced sustainable practices, reduced embodied carbon and CO2 emissions in the AECO and manufacturing industries

Nashua, NH, February 20, 2024 – Symetri, part of Addnode Group, and a leading global provider of design and engineering technology solutions and consultancy services, announces the launch of a specialized solution to enhance sustainability and energy efficiency for the architecture, engineering, construction, owner (AECO) and manufacturing industries. In line with the company’s long-standing dedication to sustainability, Naviate Zero is an innovative Autodesk Revit add-on set that empowers designers and engineers to calculate emissions, make informed, eco-conscious decisions directly within the Revit platform and use the data in full lifecycle assessments.

The building industry currently contributes to 39% of annual CO2 emissions, with embodied carbon accounting for 11% of global annual emissions. Addressing these environmental challenges, Naviate Zero seeks to mitigate the impact by focusing on the early stages of a building's life cycle. By emphasizing the importance of design and material selection and providing sustainability-focused design assistance and energy simulation capabilities, Naviate Zero enables architects to make choices that have significant immediate and lasting environmental benefits.

"At Symetri, our purpose is to inspire and enable people to work smarter for a better future,” said Mikko Viertola, CTO at Symetri. “Acknowledging the environmental impact within our clients' industries, we recognized the responsibility and identified an opportunity to make a positive contribution. The vision evolved to empower individuals to make well-informed, sustainably responsible decisions and has materialized now through Naviate Zero, a platform that integrates reliable data to facilitate informed decision-making in sustainable design and construction."

Michael DeLacey, CEO at Symetri US, added, "By leveraging digital workflows and advanced technologies, we enable organizations to adopt strategies to achieve net-zero targets, reduce waste, and improve energy efficiency. With Naviate Zero, professionals in the AECO industry can optimize their building designs to minimize environmental impact, reduce long-term operational costs, and comply with green building standards.”

Naviate Zero leverages Symetri’s strategic partnership with One Click LCA, the global leading platform for lifecycle assessment, environmental product declaration, and sustainability. By utilizing One Click LCA's extensive databases, Naviate Zero provides architects and designers direct access to global building material data, elevating the standards of sustainability in the building industry.

To support the product’s introduction, Symetri is hosting an informative webinar on Monday, February 26 with a demonstration of Naviate Zero, illustrating how users can take advantage of its sustainable capabilities and processes directly in Revit.

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About Symetri

Symetri creates and provides technology solutions and services for design, engineering, construction and manufacturing businesses. Symetri empowers people to work smarter for a better future by ensuring they have access to the expertise and technology they need to improve performance and sustainability.

Symetri was founded in Sweden in 1989 and has grown to a team of over 1,000 people with offices in the Nordics, the UK, Ireland and the US. Symetri is an Autodesk Platinum Partner, Autodesk Authorized Training Centre (ATC) and Autodesk Global Service Provider. Symetri is part of Addnode Group AB, whose B shares are listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm. Addnode Group offers business-critical IT solutions to selected markets in both the private and public sectors.

About Naviate

Naviate provides best in class workflows and performance to accelerate Building and Infrastructure design and facilitate collaboration in Construction projects. The solutions are tailored and focus on the needs of Architecture, Structural Engineering, Construction and infrastructure professionals including features that support productivity, documentation, collaboration and project management, enhancing the users’ entire BIM workflow.

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About Naviate Zero

Naviate Zero is an innovative Revit add-on developed by Symetri, that revolutionizes sustainable building design. It enables architects to calculate CO2 emissions, use the data in full lifecycle assessments, and make informed decisions directly in the Autodesk Revit platform. Integrated with One Click LCA data, Naviate Zero provides access to global databases, elevating the standards of sustainability in the building industry.

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About One Click LCA

One Click LCA is a leading Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) generation software for the construction industry. One Click LCA helps to decarbonize building and infrastructure projects, create product EPDs, benchmark low-carbon products, and projects, and to create corporate greenhouse gas reports. It is used in more than 130 countries, includes the world’s largest construction sector database, and supports over 60 standards and certifications.

For more information, visit the One Click LCA website.