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IT Audit

For the Buildings & Infrastructure and Product Design & Lifecycle Industries

IT Audit

Specialist design and CAD applications are placing more demands on IT than ever before, so your infrastructure must constantly evolve. Regular holistic reviews of system requirements against capabilities are an essential tool to plan a system development strategy.

Our IT Audit can assist with this by providing a detailed report of your IT estate, relevant information and guidance with a focus on strengths and weaknesses. It is designed around the specialist IT infrastructure operational requirements of architects, engineers construction and product design professionals.

What does the IT Audit include?





A Formal Review

We’ll ensure that your IT infrastructure requirements have been properly identified and that system and performance requirements are defined, testable, and consistent with cost, schedule, risk, technology readiness, and other system constraints

The Future

We’ll also provide recommendations to cover gaps between existing capabilities and new requirements, as well as a future defined strategy and plan.