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License Management

For the Buildings & Infrastructure and Product Design & Lifecycle Industries

License Management

We can take the administration complexities out of your business by helping you keep track of your software licenses and ensuring you have the right quantity for the future.

How we can help

Monitor and manage your current software use

We can provide a clear picture of how your business utilizes licenses, helping you determine your requirements.

Optimize the distribution of your licenses

We'll help you identify high and low frequency users to ensure the optimal distribution of available licenses within your company.

Analyze your future use

We'll tell you which applications and licenses are registered and which licenses have actually been used.

Software Audit

If required, we can also help you find out which software is deployed on which machines to help you remain compliant.

User Requirement Survey

We can carry out a user requirements survey to understand each user’s workflows and recommend the most appropriate software licenses with optimal distribution.