Autodesk Map 3D Essentials is a 2 day course designed for new users to help conduct mapping functions such as topologies, transformations and geospatial queries. Understand drawing based and geospatial features and functions.

Course Outline

Day 1

User Interface

·    AutoCAD Map 3D Workspace and Ribbons

·    AutoCAD Map Task Pane

GIS Concepts

·    Introduction to GIS

·    Shapefiles / Features / AutoCAD Objects

·    Attributes / Object Data

·    Rasters

·    Coordinate Systems

·    Topologies

·    Geospatial Queries

·    Web Services

·    SDF Files

·    Database Spatial Connections

Working with the Create Ribbon

·    Overview of how to Create Surfaces and Features

·    How to use the Drawing Objects Panel

·    How to Query Drawing Objects

·    How to Define a Topology

Working with the Feature Edit Ribbon

·    Introduction to Feature Editing

·    Modifying Features

·    Splitting and Merging Data

Working with the Analyze Ribbon

·    Working with Feature Drawing and Objects

·    Using the Topology Query Panel

·    Working with the Inquiry and Geo Tools



·    How to Build:

·         Simple Location Queries

·         Simple Property Query

·         Simple Data Query

·         Simple SQL Query

·         Compound Query

·    Working with the Query Library



Day 2

AutoCAD Map Task Pane

·    Display Manager Tab

·    Working with the AutoCAD Map Task Pane

·    Reviewing and Editing Attributes

·    Changing the Style and Appearance of Features

·    Labelling Gestures

·    Add Zoom Scales

·    Create Thematic Rules

·    Create a Thematic Map

·    Connecting to Web Map Service

·    Connecting to Web Feature Service

·    Connecting to Databases

·    Connecting to Rasters and Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

·    Map Explorer Tab

·    Attaching Drawings

·    Querying Drawings

·    Introduction to the Map Book Tab

Working with the Map Setup Ribbon

·    Introduction to Coordinate Systems and how to Customize Systems

·    How to Create and Assign Custom Attribute Data

·    Introduction to working with Object Classes


·    How to Create and Customize:

·         Network Topology

·         Polygon Topology

·         Topology Overlay

·         Topology Query











Course Objectives

• Understand drawing-based and geospatial features and functions within AutoCAD Map 3D
• Integrate mappings and GIS data from within the AutoCAD environment
• Create, edit, manage, and analyze mapping data
• Effectively leverage AutoCAD Map 3D as a tool to support the planning, design, and data management process

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