Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis (SSA) is a 2 day course. This is an advanced course for civil engineers and technicians who are presently using AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Course Outline

Course Objectives 

After completing this course, you will be able to:  

  • Analyze and design urban drainage systems, stormwater sewers, sanitary sewers, and interconnected detention ponds 
  • Model complex hydrology, hydraulics, and stormwater quality 

Day 1

User Interface Basics

  • Plan View 
  • Menu Bar 
  • Data Tree 
  • Toolbars 
  • View Tabs 

Layer Manager

  • Inserting a Background Image 
  • Understanding the .TIF World File 
  • Import GIS Data 

Rational Method

  • Understanding Rational Method Equations 
  • Setting Project Options 
  • Setting Analysis Options 
  • Creating a Drainage Network 
  •      Links – Pipes and Gutters 
  •      Inlets 
  •      Outfalls 
  •      Junctions 
  • Defining External Inflows 
  • Defining Sub-basins 
  • Entering IDF Curves 
  • Performing Analysis (Single and Multiple Storms) 
  • Reviewing Results 
  • Generating Reports (ASII, Excel, PDF) 

Other Analysis Methods

  • EPA-SWMM and Pollutant Loading 
  • HEC-1 and Channel Design 


Stormwater Design Preparation using Civil 3D

  • Defining Catchments 
  •      Using the Waterdrop Tool 
  •      Turning on Slope Arrows in Surface Style 
  •      Turning on Watersheds in Surface Style 
  •      Creating a Catchment from a Surface 
  •      Creating a Catchment from an Object 
  •      Defining Catchment Settings 
  •      Defining Time on Concentration Paths on a Catchment 
  •      Mapping a Catchment to a Pipe Network Structure 
  • Defining a Storage Node 
  •      Defining a Storage Node in Civil 3D 
  •      Using the Stage-Storage Button 
  •      Exporting the Stage-Storage Table as an .AeccSST File 
  •      Importing the .AeccSSTT file as a Storage Curve in SSA 
  • Analyzing and Sizing a Gravity Network in Civil 3D 
  •      Setting the Analysis Type 
  •      Defining the Outfall 
  •      Defining Rainfall Data 
  •      Managing Settings 
  •      Managing Network Details 
  •      Reviewing the Results and Sizing 
  • Data Exchange between Civil 3D and SSA 
  •      Understanding Part Matching 
  •      Setting Migration Settings in Pipe Network Commands 
  •      Using the Edit in Storm and Sanitary Analysis Button in Civil 3D 
  •      Using the Export to Storm Sewer Button in Civil 3D 
  •      Importing the Storm Sewers File in SSA 
  •      Understanding the Limitations of Data Transfer between Civil               3Dand SSA 
  •      Exporting the Storm Sewers File from SSA to Civil 3D 

Sanitary Sewer

  • Draw something once and use it many times over 
  • Use a library of drawing components 
  • Use components from other drawings 

Day 2 

SCS Method

  • Understanding SCS Method 
  • Setting Project Options 
  • Setting Analysis Options 
  • Creating a Drainage Network 
  •      Links – Pipes and Gutters 
  •      Inlets 
  •      Junctions 
  •      Outfalls and Outlets 
  •      Storage Nodes 
  •      Weirs and Orifices 
  • Defining Sub-basins and Time of Concentration 
  • Defining Rain Gauge, Time Series, and Rainfall Designer 
  • Performing Analysis 
  • Generating Reports 
  • Reviewing Profile Plots and Output Animations 
  • Reviewing the Plan View Legend Display 


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