In this 2 day course, learn Esri ArcGIS Pro. Understand the fundamentals of this powerful tool. Navigate the environment and create custom maps from GIS data, control various display methods and build queries.

Course Outline

Day 1


Introduction to GIS Concepts

  • Introduction to GIS 
  • GIS Software 
  • Common GIS File Formats and GIS Terminology 
  • Downloading GIS Files from Online Sources 
  • Components of GIS Files 
  • Use Cases of GIS Applications in Civil and Environmental 
  • Engineering and Land Use Planning 

Working in ArcGIS Pro

  • Understanding ArcGIS Pro Licensing, including Licensing of Specific Tool Sets, such as Spatial Analysis 
  • Understanding File Formats, Folder Structures, and Database Structures used by ArcGIS Pro 
  • Staring a New Project 
  • Understanding the User Interface 
  • Working with Basemaps 
  • Working with Vector Data 
  • Working with Raster Data 
  • Creating 2D and 3D Maps 
  • Applying Visual Styles 
  • Using Toolboxes and Tools 
  • Labelling Features, Formatting Labels, and Annotation 
  • Creating Layouts 
  • Sharing Maps Online 
  • Creating Map Package Files 



Day 2 

Geodatabase Design

  • Managing Data – Fields, Domains, Subtypes 
  • Working with Feature Classes 
  • Defining Geodatabase Schema 
  • Example of Geodatabase based on the MassGIS Environmental Monitoring Layers 
  •      Point Layers 
  •           MassDEP Water Quality Monitoring Stations 
  •           Shellfish Sampling Stations 
  •           Stream Gaging Stations 
  •      Line Layers 
  •           DEP Wetlands Linear Features 
  •           USGS Rivers and Streams 25k 
  •      Polygon Layers 
  •           DWM WPP Integrated List Watershed 
  •           DEP Wetlands Detailed 
  •           USGS Water Bodies 25k 
  • Data Management Tools 
  •      Attachments 
  •      Domains 
  •      Fields 
  •      File Geodatabases 
  •      Relationship Classes 
  •      Subtypes 
  •      Topology 


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