Inventor Cable and Harness Design

Inventor Cable and Harness Design

Course Objectives: 

After completing this course, you will be able to:  

  • Describe the functionality of Cable and Harness and the basic workflow to add and document cable and harness designs. 
  • Wire a harness assembly by adding or importing wires and cables, adding ribbon cables, adding route segments, and routing wires and cables through the segments. 
  • Refine a cable and harness design by editing the wires, cables, routes, or cable ribbons; by adding and editing splices; or by adding and editing virtual parts. 
  • Communicate your cable and harness to others by creating and annotating 2D drawings and exporting the design data. 
  • Create and manage the library file and configuration files. 
  • Create, author, and publish electrical parts and connectors to a custom Content Center library. 


Day 1 

  • Creating Cable and Harness Design 
  • Adding Wires and Cables 
  • Routing Wires and Cables 
  • Importing Wires and Cable Data 
  • Adding Ribbon Cable 



Day 2 

  • Modify Wires, Cables, Segments, and Ribbon Cable 
  • Working with Splices 
  • Working With Virtual Parts 
  • Creating Drawing Views of Cable and Harness Designs 
  • Library Definitions 
  • Configure Reports  

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