MassDOT Civil 3D Advance Training is a 3 day course designed for MassDOT transportation and utility designers who need to learn and conform with MassDOT CAD Standards.

Course Outline

Day 1

MassDOT CAD State Kit and Design Modeling Toolset Primer

·    Introduction

·    User-interface Tour

·    Customizing the State Kit UI

MassDOT Corridor Modeling Tools and Subassembly Library (MCMT/MSL)

·    Introduction

·    Supporting Documentation

·    Modeling Roadway Pavement

·         Full-Depth Construction

·         Resurfacing with Full-Depth Widening

·    Modeling Roadside Elements

·         Curbing, Driveways, Wheelchair Ramps

·         Side Slopes

·    MCMT QTO Analysis

·         Setting MassDOT Pay Item Criteria

·         Run a Linear and Area Item Take-off

·         Compute Volume Quantities

·         Displaying Volumes in Reports and Sections

Day 2

MassDOT Sheet Production Tools

·    Introduction

·    Supporting Documentation

·    Highway Construction Plans Sheet Production Tutorial

·         Project Setup and Sheet Set Creating

·         Working with Sheet Set Manager and Sheet Template DWGs

·         Using View Frame Groups to Create Construction Section Sheets

Day 3

MassDOT Pipe Network Tools (MPNT)

·    Introduction

·    Supporting Documentation

·    MPNT Workflow Examples

·         Creating Parts Lists

·         Proposed Pipes and Structures

·         Construction Modification Pipes and Structures

·         Pipe Networks in Profile and Section Views

·    MPNT QTO Analysis

·         Unit Items

·         Linear Items

Course Objectives

Understand MassDOT customized subassemblies, custom pipe network catalogue, and configured QTO analysis capabilities known as the MassDOT Design Modeling Toolset
Perform custom MassDOT workflows to facilitate the 3D design modeling process and enhance model output

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