New users of Twinmotion will benefit from this 1 day course covering the essentials of this powerful tool. Create photorealistic visualizations of your Revit models in real time.

Course Outline

Getting Started

·    Concepts & game engines

·    Interface

·    Connecting to Revit

·    File setup & saving

·    Preparing Revit views


·    Camera controls

·    Keyboard shortcuts

·    Move, Rotate, Scale

·    Properties


·    Objects

·    Characters

·    Vehicles

·    Vegetation

·    Lights

·    Megascans

·    Sketchfab


·    Managing Scene

·    Replacing/Renaming elements

·    Environment

·    Camera settings

·    FX


·    Select & Apply

·    Customize

·    Load

·    Manage


·    Landscape Sculpt & Paint

·    Foliage

·    Paths

·    Urban


·    Image

·    Video

·    Panorama sets

·    Presentation


·    Local

·    Presentations

·    Cloud


·    Setting up

·    Download

·    Customize

·    Export

Advanced Concepts

·    VR

·    Phasing groups

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Create photorealistic visualizations of your Revit models in real time.
  • Import your Revit models into Twinmotion with a single click.
  • Use powerful tools to add materials, textures, and lighting to your models.
  • Create animations and flythroughs of your models to showcase them to clients or stakeholders.
  • Share your projects with others via the cloud.
  • Create marketing materials for your projects, such as brochures or websites.
  • Use Twinmotion to collaborate with other team members on your projects.
Course Objectives

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