Are you expected to be a super user of Autodesk Vault? This 1 day course was designed for you to understand the basic concepts for data management. Interact with Autodesk Vault systems in the workplace.

Course outlines


·    Introduction to the Vault Client

·    Overview Vault (Application) Plug-Ins

·    Vault User Profile

·    Logging in for the First Time

Client Interface

·    Client User Interface

·    Project Explorer

·    Custom Views

·    Find and Advanced Search

·    Saved Searches

Managed Data Components

·    Setting the ‘Working Folder’ and Workplace Synchronization

·    File Versions and History

·    File Status

·    File Check-In/Check-Out

·    Release Biased

Working with Projects, Folders, and Files

·    Building Folder Structures

·    Adding Files

·    Getting the Latest Version and Releasing Biased Versions

·    Getting Previous File Versions

·    Renaming and Moving Vaulted Files

·    Replacing Files

·    Setting Labels








Working with Vault and the AutoCAD Plug-In

·    Private vs Shared Workspaces

·    Unique File Names and Design File Check-In Options

·    Logging In

·    Check-In/Check-Out of Design Drawings

·    Opening Vaulted Drawings

·    Working with External References

·    Attaching Vaulted Drawings

AutoCAD Properties and Metadata

·    Attributes and Indexing

·    Custom Drawing File Properties

·    AutoCAD Fields and Vault Properties

·    Property Mapping

Digital Review and DWF Redlines

·    Workflow

·    Design Review and AutoCAD Working Together

·    Creating DWF Files

·    Redline of DWF Files with Design Review

·    Underlay of Vaulted DWF Files in AutoCAD

·    Communication and Notification in the Review Process

·    Sending/Receiving Links to Vaulted Documents

·    Vault Design Visualization Settings






Course Objectives

Understand the basic concepts of Autodesk Vault for data management
Interact with Autodesk Vault systems in the workplace

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