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After over 100 years of architectural expertise, Hoener Associates Architects has a well-established reputation as a robust design firm committed to exceeding client expectations. Generations of experience have also come with constantly evolving technology which the team has consistently onboarded. While Hoener professionals are adept at Autodesk AutoCAD, the group wanted to transition to the comprehensive Revit environment.


One of the most time-consuming aspects of Revit design is content creation, which is why many firms are beginning to maintain holistic content libraries and templates. The ability to pull from these repositories allows architects to spend more time innovating creative designs as opposed to getting caught up in repetitive tasks.


Microdesk was contracted by Hoener to craft a variety of Revit content including families and schedules. This included converting native AutoCAD details and workflows to the more comprehensive Revit drafting views and environment. The library was then organized by content type based on Hoener requirements. Further, Microdesk consultants reviewed the current Revit templates in use and made improvements regarding schedules, legends and annotations.


Hoener can now accelerate project delivery by expanding content availability and template capabilities in better alignment with company drafting standards and design workflows. These new BIM standards will allow them to keep pace with a digitally evolving industry by crafting more robust deliverables authored in a collaborative, coordinated environment. Their team is currently preparing to run a project utilizing the library and will further refine the process with Microdesk consultants.

Products like Revit make a point of offering automation features to allow designers to focus on the part of their work that they are experts in, like creatively addressing client needs. By working with Microdesk, Hoener was able to expand their Revit skills and transition their AutoCAD workflows with minimal disruptions to ongoing work. Hoener’s content library and customized templates will enable them to continue delivering high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing designs to their partners.

*Microdesk is doing business as Symetri and has changed their name as of 6/26/23. 

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