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Automate repetitive engineering tasks with Design Automation

Are you struggling to finalize projects within a deadline because most of your time is spent on repetitive manual tasks?

Engineers usually spend over half their time on repetitive manual tasks that don’t really add value to the products they design. Reducing, or even eliminating, these manual steps and streamlining the engineering process can free up much time for more valuable work. So, instead of struggling to complete projects or taking on more engineers, why not start automating your engineering processes?

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At Symetri, our approach is to support you in automating your engineering processes based on product configurators. With our technology, we are able to support both Configure-to-Order and Engineer-to-Order processes, including project-specific parametric models and drawings.

Design Automation is implemented in phases, starting with basic tasks such as file copying and naming and ending with fully parametric models and drawings created according to recipes transferred from a sales configurator or your company’s own calculation program.

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