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Industry-specific CAD solutions for design, drafting and documentation

Choose the right CAD solution for your needs

Today’s designs are often 3D based and increasingly used throughout business processes, though they are commonly complemented by drafting and documentation. There are also industries and design disciplines in which the main focus is and will continue to be on the 2D design. Whichever industry you are in and whatever your needs, you will find a proven solution in Autodesk’s portfolio. The right solution for you and your company’s needs and preferences is usually defined by a number of factors.

Choosing the right CAD solution can be affected by factors such as:

  • Where you are starting from and your history
  • The objective of your task/project and the specific task
  • The kind of collaboration needs you or your team have
  • How you want to handle the change management process
  • The roles of the staff (designer, engineer, reviewer, drafter, production planner, etc.)
  • The required end result
  • The desired delivery format
  • The experience in the company

It is most common to use an industry-specific solution, though there are also more generic options for both 2D and 3D.

At Symetri, we have more than 30 years experience of Design and Engineering processes. We utilize Autodesk based solutions, combined with our own technology and industry knowledge, to guide and advise you on the right solution, taking into consideration your specific situation and the needs of your company and employees. Most importantly, we can guide you to an optimal solution that quickly allows you to comply with the relevant drafting standards for your particular industry and customer requirements.

By complementing Autodesk Design solutions with our SOVELIA products you can improve the quality of your design output and automate routine tasks swiftly and accurately.

Services that improve the way you work with drafting and documentation software

Installation and implementation

During installation and implementation, we use our well-proven methodology to secure a controlled and efficient solution roll-out.

Methodology and training

In order to support your company’s processes and use the tools efficiently, it is important to train all the users in the company-specific methodology. Symetri will help you to define guidelines and rules and suitable documentation to ensure that your specific methodology is used during training and in the real-world environment.

User support

End-user support allows the users to get answers and guidance from our experienced team of consultants. Guidance and support in the early phase of new technology use is essential to ensure you benefit fully from your investment.

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