Software deployment

Software deployment solution supports to pack, configure and maintain your licenses

Manage the installation, maintenance and configuration of your CAD and any combinations of third-party applications and customizations

A more stable and cost-effective IT environment will be achieved through reconfigured and thoroughly tested structures. CAD software is an essential tool in the daily work of most of Symetri’s customers, as is the management of installations, training and support of the tool.

The objective of our CAD deployment solution is to deliver a turnkey installation for all users including configurations and license pointers. We deliver pre-configured packages that include a graphical interface, allow unattended/silent installations and are compatible with SCCM.

Spending time on the initial installation and carefully configuring and testing before rolling out a large number of identical installations saves a lot of time. But the great benefit is that support becomes so much easier. We also made a significant cost saving in the area. 
Martin Quist, CAD Manager at ÅF

CQi helps you to save time, install and manage license configurations efficiently

 Our solution CQi is a strong and stable concept that automates the operation and maintenance of any CAD environment as it is built on decades of accumulated expertise in efficient handling of CAD systems. Configurations are always based on your company’s needs with the individual CAD user in mind.

Your CAD environment will be standardized to provide stable day-to-day operation. CAD software can be installed on a new computer fast and efficiently while at the same time allowing for individual customization.

Investing in Symetri’s CAD software deployment solution will help you solve a number of challenges and meet different requirements.


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