Data Sharing

Connect engineering with the rest of your company's value chain

Manage and share your design data effectively, securely and easily

The prime purpose of Symetri’s Data Sharing solution is to ensure the efficient and controlled release of drawings and other relevant documents from engineering to other departments such as procurement and production.

Data Sharing for Engineering Departments (CAD Users)

Built-in interfaces in Inventor and AutoCAD combined with different automation tools in Sovelia PLM allow engineers to eliminate manual and labor-intensive work when registering design data, converting the data into general file formats such as PDF and sharing and releasing the files.

Data Sharing for Sales, Production, Procurement, After-Sales & Services (Non-CAD users)

The web client in Sovelia PLM allows non-CAD users across the organization to find and view the correct versions of drawings and documents easily without disturbing the engineers. All in all, this collaboration platform will help your company save time and avoid errors, thereby reducing unnecessary costs and delays.

Who will benefit from SOVELIA PLM?

Consumers - Anyone who needs correct design data to do their work

CAD users - The people doing the engineering work will not be disturbed

Contributors - People who need to complement CAD data with other design-related documents

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