Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro

Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro

Co-authoring, design collaboration, and coordination software for design teams.

Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro | Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro, formerly known as BIM 360 Design, is co-authoring, design collaboration, and coordination software for design teams. Part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform, it is specifically tailored for design authors who require anytime, anywhere co-authoring access in Revit, Civil 3D, and Plant 3D, whilst including all the functionality of BIM Collaborate.

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What's included in Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro?

Revit Cloud Worksharing

Revit Cloud Worksharing

Move worksharing to the cloud for faster, smoother Revit co-authoring. Use BIM data to improve downstream constructability.

Collaboration for Civil 3D

Collaboration for Civil 3D

Securely collaborate on Civil 3D files, data shortcuts, and Xrefs in one location, with easy design review in a web browser.

Collaboration for Plant 3D

Collaboration for Plant 3D

Securely access AutoCAD Plant 3D files across teams and maintain compliance requirements in a cloud-based common data environment.

Collaboration First

Purpose-built model coordination functionality keeps BIM teams in sync, avoiding costly obstacles which can hinder project completion. Integration with Navisworks and Revit allows teams to quickly resolve any issues to get to a constructible model faster.

Automation Powered

Cutting-edge machine learning brings automation into your model coordination workflow. Automating repetitive tasks empowers BIM teams to focus on the most important constructability issues.

Insights Driven

Unique capabilities such as root cause analysis of constructability issues, allow project teams to make insight-driven decisions based on data to enhance project delivery.

Co-Authoring Enabled

Anytime, anywhere access to Revit, Civil 3D, and AutoCAD Plant 3D streamlines design collaboration for the entire project team.

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