Autodesk InfraWorks 360 is a planning and design solution that helps engineers quickly and easily convey preliminary design intent in a real-world, contextual environment, increasing stakeholder buy-in and team decision-making

Create and evaluate alternative designs in the context of existing environment

Autodesk® InfraWorks® is an easy-to-use sketching tool for land planners and infrastructure designers. Autodesk InfraWorks produces visually high-level models without separate visualization software.

Efficiently access and integrate data from multiple sources into a highly accurate model. Automated, rich 3D model building capability combined with cloud technology and vertically-specialized functionality gives you a design tool to confidently envision the full potential of a project and create competitive distinction to win work. Teams are empowered to make decisions where and when needed. all while saving time and money through automated integration versus manual compilation.

InfraWorks can be used for modelling single city blocks, entire cities, or hundreds of kilometers long corridor models. InfraWorks is integrated seamlessly in the design process and is included in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.

When starting the use of InfraWorks, a model of existing conditions is created from terrain, CAD, GIS, raster, and BIM-data. After that, sketching can be started. Sketching tools are very easy to use and it is possible to create multiple alternative designs quickly. Users can switch between alternatives and analyze conditions with measurement tools, thematic maps, sight analysis or sun shadow analysis.

It is possible to import detailed designs from other design software like Autodesk® Revit®, AutoCAD® Civil® 3D, or Autodesk 3ds Max®. Designs that are created in InfraWorks can also be exported to Civil 3D or 3ds Max. InfraWorks data can also be viewed in 2D format in AutoCAD® Map 3D or Civil 3D. Models made in InfraWorks can also be viewed in web browser or iPad.

Infraworks 360 LT is included as a subscription benefit for Building Design Suite Premium, Infrastructure Design Suite Premium and Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate.

Desktop Subscription gives you access to Autodesk software - the same full version you get with a perpetual license - but with a flexible, pay-as-you-go approach for a software budget that is easier to manage.


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