Providence College

Meet Providence College

Providence College was founded in 1917 in Rhode Island and has Catholic, Dominican roots. Now a liberal arts college, it was recently named the #1 college according to Regional Universities North. In 2019 almost 4,500 undergraduates and over 500 graduate students attended the New England school.


Providence College has been renovating its Science Complex to improve the research facility and capabilities for students in biology, biochemistry, psychology, and other STEM-based concentrations. Eager to utilize the collaborative platforms the modern BIM technology affords owners during renovations, Providence College knew they wanted to partner with a consultant that could get the most out of BIM and Revit.


Microdesk was contracted to provide full BIM project support focused on synchronizing various disciplines. BIM requirements were developed for MEP coordination and managed communication as it relates to VDC for the owner, design team, general contractor and subcontractors. This ensured each group was able to effectively collaborate without versioning issues or rework.

The college also required Level of Detail (LOD) 350 modeling and coordination of all MEP/FP and structural designs. Microdesk consultants utilized Revit Fabrication to maintain detail equaling 350 with the opportunity to bring the design to LOD 400 for fabrication requirements. This process would not only provide the entire project team with the advantage of coordination prior to breaking ground but would also let them begin to pre-fabricate the physical material in their shop. In doing so, Providence College effectively reduced the time spent in the field installing, saving skilled labor resources and reducing the chance of discovering issues on the jobsite.

By working with Microdesk, Providence College was able to leverage BIM consultants experienced in maintaining a single hub of designs and documentation for use in planning, shop drawings, fabrication and installation. Having visibility and control through every aspect of the process afforded Providence College peace of mind knowing subcontractors, MEP/FP VDC technicians and structural and architectural designers were coordinated with each other. The optimized LOD even allowed for improved capabilities throughout the project lifecycle including installation logistics, prefabrication options, manpower requisitions, commissioning, operation and maintenance.


Providence College originally called in Microdesk to “give BIM one last shot” as they were provided services in the past and were not satisfied with the quality or ROI. The outcomes of this project as well as the work Microdesk consultants perform daily actively seek to change that perception. Providence College has now experienced the benefits of a BIM-based project from initial design through to ongoing maintenance and renovations.

*Microdesk is doing business as Symetri and has changed their name as of 6/26/23. 

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