Immersive Design

Improve your communication with XR (VR/AR/MR)

Test your products with Virtual Reality

With Virtual Reality, you can test your products before you start making physical models. It could be a machine or a house that needs testing. For a machine, we can test how it fits into the surrounding areas with other machines and people. We can verify that it is easy and fast to service and train people in the virtual world. Training in VR is safe and cheap as you don’t need the actual machine or to interfere with live production. You can use VR glasses in a safe area anywhere in the world to involve all the different engineers and customer from day one. Visualizing in scale 1:1 will simplify the design and construction phase and give everyone involved a better understanding of what needs to be done and when.

Benefits of using Virtual Reality

Makes it easy to test material before production.

Minimizes risks by visualizing different problems.

Simplifies the design and construction phase.

Makes the sales process faster.

Make the design and sales process faster with VR

If you design houses or infrastructure we can visualize different materials and layouts and change them with the press of a button, making the design and sales process faster and reducing misunderstandings. Architects, engineers and end customers can all be involved at an early stage to make sure the outcome is as expected, and the actual building process can be streamlined to avoid delays. We offer a wide range of content creation tools to streamline your workflow by visualizing your models and data. We offer high-level consultancy and training in VRED for the best possible design experience. If you have more technical needs, we are certified resellers and trainers in Unity with its new rendering pipelines and ability to connect to and run on all available hardware. In our lab, we have all the state-of-the-art hardware required to test and develop high-end VR demos.

Symetri has 20 years of VR experience

With over 20 years of VR experience ranging from large Automotive set-ups to simple and cheap VR headsets. We supply everything you need to get started visualizing your products and designs. Our long experience gives us an edge in choosing the correct hardware and software to maximize the use of Virtual Reality.

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